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SHOW CANCELLED 'Rafael and his Awesome Friends' performing at the Brisbane Jazz Club, March 28 


I was looking forward to playing at the Brisbane Jazz Club with 'Rafael and his Awesome Friends'.

It would have been really fun working through my original music with these lovely musicicans


Kristin Berardi- voice

Steve Newcomb - piano

Andrew Shaw - bass

John Parker - drums

Rafael Karlen - saxophone


Hopefully we will get to play this material in public in the not too distant future....

Performance with Paul Mac at the Westpac Openair Cinema, February 15 

One of Australia's greatest silent films has been digitally restored and composer Paul Mac has written a new score which will be performed by a live band to the screening at the amazing Westpac Openair Cinema. I'm looking forward to playing baritone sax for this very cool project.

Tickets and more info can be found here:

MD for Dance Beneath the Stars at HOTA, December 13 

I'm excited to be the Musical Director for Dance Beneath the Stars at the Home of The Arts (HOTA) on the Gold Coast. This will be a super fun show with the Everybody Now team and the awesome Hot Potato Band from Sydney with plenty of amazing dancers.

FREE event.

DBTS Facebook event: 



Performances with Supriya Nagarajan, October 3-4 

It's going to be a pleasure performing with Indian/UK artist Supriya Nagarajan and Duncan Chapman for Supriya's Lullaby Project.

In 2018, Supriya, renowned pianist Alister Spence and I performed together in the Peggy Glanville-Hicks House so I'm looking forward to being involved in this version of her project.

Performance at the Arts Ablaze Conference, October 5 with Tenzin Choegyal and friends 

It's going to be a real pleasure performing at the Arts Ablza Conference on October 5 in Kooralbyn Vally in Queensland. The band is a very special collaborative project with very varied backgrounds and instruments. It's going to be super fun!

Tenzin Choegyal - voice, drangan

Andrew Veivers acoustic guitar

Kacey Patrick - voice and keys

John Reeves - accoridion

Jarryd Foggarty - Didgeridoo and clap sticks

Rebecca Karlen - Violin, voice and nyckelharpa

Rafael Karlen - saxophone


More details can be found here:

New Recording with Sean Foran and Kristin Berardi 

I'm excited to spend two days recording new music by Sean Foran with Kristin  Berardi and Sean in Brisbane this week. This music music was written to explore interaction between electronics/effects and improvisation. It's going to be fun!