New recording with Kristin Berardi and Sean Foran!

I am very excited to be recording a new album with the outstanding vocalist Kristin Berardi and prolific pianist Sean Foran in June with support from the ANZAC Centenary Fund. We are composing original material inspired by themes from ANZAC letters. This music will explores themes of hope, fear, separation, loss and love, and conditions of war. Drawing on sounds from jazz and folk music, it will be a new project for all of us, one that we feel audiences will enjoy (as will we!). These themes are very charged so it has been a very enriching process exploring handwritten letters, journals and postcards from families and soldiers during the First World War and then trying to respond to and explore some of these themes through music.

The album will be released nationally on the Pinnacles label with public performances in Brisbane, Cairns, Bangalow, Sydney and Melbourne. It will be available digitally and as a limited edition physical pack with extensive liner notes, images, and video. 

For more information on the ANZAC Centary arts program:

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