Finalist in the 2015 Queensland Music Awards

The Promise of Postcards, a recent composition that was originally commissioned for the 2014 Brisbane International Jazz Festival has been selected as a Finalist in the QLD Music Awards for the Jazz Category. Fingers crossed!

This piece was part of a larger suite entitled Arrivals and Prospects. It was really fun writing music around text by Euan Gray exploring specific themes. It was performed by:

Kristin Berardi- voice
Steve Newcomb- piano
Owen Newcomb- bass
Joe Marchisella- drums
Rafael Karlen- saxophone

It can be listened to here:

Or here:

‘Arrivals and Prospects
is a new 20-minute exploring the tension of viewing moments as a constant departure or as a constant arrival. Through a series of shorter movements, Arrivals and Prospects traverses the charged landscapes of nostalgia and lingering reflection, across to the anticipation and excitement of a future destination.’

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