Brisbane Album Launch for 'Hope in My Pocket', October 24

This is the album launch for a new trio with renowned musicians Kristin Berardi and Sean Foran. We are very excited to launch this album at the beautiful Old Museum Building in Brisbane followed by performances in Sydney, Melbourne, The Wangaratta Jazz Festival, Cairns and Currumbin.

The three of us have been very busy with this project during the year as all the material was inspired by themes of hope, love, fear separation as told through letters and journals from soldiers and families affected by World War 1. We spent a large amount of time reading through letters and diaries from archives including the State Archives of Queensland, the State Library of Queensland and the National Archives. We then set about drawing inspiration from many of these letters and journals and composing music around many of the themes that we encountered. This has been a very intense process and a very rewarding project. It was very challenging maintain a respectful connection to the people of our military past while not glorifying war and I know that all three of us have learned a great deal through undertaking this project. The themes that we chose to explore have a direct link to people from the ANZAC history but are common to all people from both sides of the battles. When I began to understand this, I felt much more comfortable exploring all these very charged themes and concepts and thinking about how to approach the creation of musical material.

Please come along to this event if you can. It will be a very special evening of music and we will have copies of our CD, vinyl(!) and score books with the lyrics and accompanying commentary on each piece.

Tickets and more information can be found here:

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